CCDA: 640-864 Design

CCDA 640-864 Lecture 12

In this Lecture i am going through What is Quality of service and its different components. We will discuss what is Congestion Management Technologies like Queuing and what are different queuing methods, Congestion Avoidance Technologies like Policing and Shaping.

Mr Usman

Mr Usman is a very valued new addition to Urdu IT Academy , due to huge number of users request he is recording CCDA series for Urdu IT academy and he is very passionate about Networks architecture. He has very good hands on exposure of service provider networks specializing in complex network solution designs.
Mr Usman has Cisco / Microsoft Certifications ranging from Cisco associate / professional levels. He is recently pursuing his Wireshark Network Analyst certification. In his free time he enjoying playing Badminton and Cricket.