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Urdu IT Academy is an e-learning website. It’s time for students to take command of their learning without using a classroom. Internet is a source that is convinenient and easy to accessible. UITA gives an increadible opportunity to students who wants to polish their skills in Technology. At UITA we help people from all over the world enabling them to learn and earn living from what they love.

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“ At Urdu IT Academy we seek to empower people. By providing high quality computer based training, we believe that we are enabling people to further educate themselves with our free online computer based training series ”

Kashif Iqbal (Founder)
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Kashif Iqbal

Founder and Trainer

Being a founder and instructor of Urdu IT Academy Kashif is busy setting up the vision of Urdu IT Academy and expanding the UITA platform. Kashif has been involved in consulting and managing multiple ...More

Imad Ud Din

Career Counsellor

Being one of founding members and instructor of Urdu IT academy Mr. Imad picked up role of providing services to guide students about their career and advancement. Mr. Imad has very keen interest in e...More

Faisal Aziz

Firewall & Cloud

Faisal has been working in technology industry for some time and worked on some big networking and integration projects , He spend a lot of time on YouTube searching for new technology ideas . He love...More

Sohaib Alam

Cyber security Trainer and consultant

Sohaib is a very valued new addition to Urdu IT Academy , He has joined UITA in 2019, Due to huge number of users request he is recording Ethical hacking basic series for Urdu IT Academy and he is ve...More

Mr Usman

CCDA Trainer

Mr Usman is a very valued new addition to Urdu IT Academy , due to huge number of users request he is recording CCDA series for Urdu IT academy and he is very passionate about Networks architecture. H...More

Ali Ijaz


Ali Ijaz is new addition to UITA being born and broughup in Lahore he love Lahore and Lahori Food. Ali is recording RHCSA 7.0 for URDU IT Aacdemy . He like to learn new technologies and now a days wor...More

Dr. Afzal

Academia Consultant

Dr. Afzal has been working with URDU IT Academy as an Academia consultant since 2019. Dr Tanvir received his PhD degree with the highest distinction in Computer Science from the Graz University of Tec...More

Muhammad Ateeb Aslam

IOT Trainer

Muhammad Ateeb Aslam is young and fresh addition our UITA family. Mr. Ateeb is recording "IOT-frombeginners and maker" series. UITA team is very excited about this new great series. He is a fresh...More

Mr. Fuzail Motan

Office 365 Trainer

Fuzail is the new Addition to URDU IT academy , He has more then 9 years of intensive hands on experience on MS technologies. He is teaching O365 series at UITA. Fuzail has delivered 90 + O365 Integra...More

Hamza Liqat

MS and VM Trainer

Hamza has been working in Information technology industry for almost 10 years and he has worked on some great projects, most of them were around Windows and virtualisation technology. Hamza loves new ...More

Mr Yasir

C++ Trainer

Yasir is very experienced Software Developer he is very enthusiastic about the advancement in software development. Yasir has worked on a lot of international projects through the design and implemen...More

Mr Baber Akber

CCNA voice Trainer

Mr Baber has joined Urdu IT as a volunteer In September 2014 , He is very keen to teach UITA students and working in the field of VOIP at global level . After completing his BS Telecommunication Syste...More

Firoz khan

Photoshop Trainer

Firoz khan is the creative addition to URDU IT academy , worked on various projects, from retouching ad campaigns for jewelry companies to making look books for designers. He love collaborating with r...More

MR Kamran

PHP Trainer

MR Kamran is the new and very valuable addition to Urdu IT Academy team. He has been training IT professionals since 2003, with a focus on database technologies and web programming. Mr Kamran holds a...More

Mr.Abbas hussain

OCA Trainer

Mr.Abbas hussain is a new addition to UITA who will be teaching Oracle databases , Abbas is from a small village “Kot Sardar Khan” of Distt Okara, Pakistan currently living in Lahore he is current...More

Mr Hamza

English Trainer

Hamza is a young English professional who has always had an interest in education. His work in the field has led him to heading various education networks, tutoring programs, speaking at a TEDx conven...More

Talat Hussain

MTCNA Trainer

He is a very young new addition of 2019 in UITA team. He is expert in mikrotik technology and love gymnastic....More

M Atif Iqbal

Web Developer

Atif is a founding partner of URDU IT academy, He helped designed and stabilizing the web platform, fix a lot of security holes. Urdu IT is his bread and butter and he is working on a new Urdu IT Web ...More

Mr Awais

Technical Support specialist

Awais Loves IT, and is very passionate about it. He is on the Facebook 24 x 7 trying to help students with their technical and non technical queries. (He has more posts than URDU IT) He is pursuing Ma...More

Rizwan Baig

Web Design Trainer

Rizwan has recently joined Urdu IT academy as a very keen volunteer, With good hands on experience in Webdesign Technology, He is currently recording Web Desiging series for Urdu IT Academy, and very ...More

Aqeel Hussain

Career Counsellor

Mr. Aqeel brings versatility to Urdu IT Academy as he a corporate professional with more then 12 year in Human Resources Administration in various Multinational firms of Pakistan & overseas along with...More

Ms Ifrah

Graphic Designer

Ifrah loves designing, she designed Urdu IT Academy banners for fun and enjoys doing it. In her free time she enjoys playing computer games, doodling, crafting and browsing . Ifrah is also a freelance...More

Sabir Mustafa

Linux Technology Instructor

Mr Sabir joined URDU IT academy team, as a Linux Instructor.
Mr Sabir is new addition to the URDU IT academy team, as a Linux Instructor with more than 12 years of broad IT exposure in developing...More

Jamshaid Ul Haq


Jamshaid is the old friend and Student of URDU IT Academy , He had been working as the silent supporter to help and maintain URDU IT daily operations . Jamshaid has more than 15 years of experience wo...More

Rizwan Ali

Checkpoint Trainer

Mr. Rizwan Ali is a recent addition to URDU IT Academy, he joined Urdu IT in 2019 and recently moved to Canada. Rizwan and his family is mainly from India. Rizwan is recording checkpoint firewall seri...More

Mr Zeeshan

Android Trainer

Mr Zeeshan joined UITA in 2016. He has been working with us for some time preparing Andoid development training course . He has more than 8 years experience in training different computer Languages in...More

Eng Tariq Iqbal

CCTV Trainer

Eng Tariq has recently joined Urdu IT academy as a very keen volunteer, With good hands on experience on CCTV technologies, He is currently recording CCTV Basics and Essential series for Urdu IT Acade...More

Shahzad subhani

Founder GISPP

GISPP (Global Information Security Society for Professionals of Pakistan) was initiated by a group of Pakistani Information Security professionals living and working in Saudi Arabia. Despite being a ...More

Vishal Mata

Fortinet Trainer

Vishal joined urdu IT in 2020 April and working to record Fortinet Firewall Series . He is keen in learning IoT and artifical intelligence...More

M Atif

E business

Muhammad Atif is a student of information technology & business management. He has vision to bring automation in business with the help of technology. He has been working in United Arab Emirates for 4...More

Aamir Yousaf


Ami joined Urdu IT in 2020 as a Sharepoint trainer. He has more than 4 years of expereince in Technology industry. Aamir is obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that's absurd...More

Ameer Zaib Khan

Project Management

Zaib joined Urdu IT academy in 2020, and he is currently recording PMP training. He is a Certified Project manager who has vast experience in managing multiple projects locally and internationally. Za...More