I want to learn from UITA do you have any physical campus?

UITA does not charge any fee from its students, and All the lectures are free of cost. You need to get on to the internet, browse www.urduitacademy.com and click video library. We do not provide private one to one training. (not even with charges)

Where is UITA based?

UITA is a global and virtual academy, and all trainers are around the globe; it is more of an online community aiming to bring free IT knowledge to the students. We have hundreds of online courses from the best instructors in the world.

What is UITA?

UITA is a volunteer-based organization whose sole purpose is to empower students who want to learn but cannot commit to classes or travel to and from the cities where training is available.

When are you going to start new Certification?

We are always looking for volunteers with a good skill set and exposure. As soon as we have a volunteer willing to fulfil our QA and admin team requirements, we make a bounding contract with the trainer and start the series.

Can you upload lectures at Torrent website?

UITA doesn’t upload lectures on any torrent website.

Do you accept and funding/ donations from public?

2018 UITA started taking volunteer donations, which is available through our website Paypal donation program. Visit our website for the donation link on the lower right-hand side. Your donations support volunteers and technology, which helps us keep the platform up and running free and encourage us to continue Creating high-quality content. UITA is not a resigtered charity. Your Money supports our people and technology and helps us to keep the site running, totally free, Creating high-quality contents and improve website. UITA is not resigtered Charity.

Can I have your contact details or personal email?

We have very strict policy not to share any personal information, if you want to talk to UITA team contact at admin email address or add us in your Skype. Our Skype and email details are under contact us tab.

Where I need to post if I have any question?

UITA Lecture are available on Youtube, for any technical question post it on our technical Facebook community page https://www.facebook.com/groups/urduitacademy

Why I cannot download lectures from youtube or Dailymotion?

UITA upload all lectures on YouTube, It is not possible to upload them on FTP and other website.

When you will upload next lecture?

UITA endeavours to upload one lecture a week but due to some unforeseen reasons lectures can be delayed.

What if I want to Volunteer or Teach at UITA?

If you want to volunteer and train at UITA with or without charges, please send your details with your updated CV at [email protected]

I want to build Cisco LAB what equipment I can buy ?

This is very hard question to answer but if you refer to our blog there is some guide available to answer. Urdu IT Academy blog

Can we have MPLS training?

We have no plans to record MPLS training as a dedicated course; however we have discussed briefly about the MPLS in CCNP and CCDA trainings.

When will you start Windows 2012 Exam training?

Windows 2012 is available on our Website

Can I have Slides of the lectures ?

We cannot share slides of the lectures, because of UITA policy.

I have to Start CCNA , I can see old Exam code and NEW exam code ?

Dear Student, all details are discussed in the New CCNA first lecture which can be found on the link below and is latest as per Year2022. URDU IT always keep its CCNA updated. We don't reteach topics that have been taught in older CCNA so you can start from the very first flagship CCNA we launches and cover gradullay

I have a technical Question, Can I contact the Trainer?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual support on a technical question, However, we have Facebook Group where you can post your question and We hope the community support team will be able to help you Link to our Facebook Technical group is as below.

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