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Urdu IT Academy is an e-learning website. It’s time for students to take command of their learning without using a classroom. Internet is a source that is convinenient and easy to accessible. UITA gives an increadible opportunity to students who wants to polish their skills in Technology. At UITA we help people from all over the world enabling them to learn and earn living from what they love.

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“ At Urdu IT Academy we seek to empower people. By providing high quality computer based training, we believe that we are enabling people to further educate themselves with our free online computer based training series ”

Kashif Iqbal (Founder)
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M Atif Iqbal

M Atif Iqbal

Web Developer

Atif is a founding partner of URDU IT academy, He helped design and stabilise the web platform, fix a lot of security holes. Urdu IT is his bread and butter and he feel very passionate about the project. He loves to watch films and playing computer games. He is working on Development lead on some international projects

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