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MCITP Server Administrator : 70-642 Server 2008 NW Infrastructure
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 1This Lecture review OSI Layer Model, TCP/IP/ IPV4 and 6  
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 2Understanding and configuration of DNSSEC, DNSSEC, RSSID, KSK, ZSK, how DNS works, How DNSSEC works, DNS Security, configuring DNSSEC for windows 2008 R2  
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 3This Lecture discuss about setting up DHCP server and routing on Windows Server 2008 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 4This lecture discuss about concepts and configuration of IPSEC on windows 2008 R2 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 5Lecture discussing about wireless configuration on client machine using GPO 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 6Network Address Translation and RRAS, ICS 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 7Windows 2008 Advanced Firewall 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 8WSUS 
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 9Performance monitoring, SNMP, event logs, Network Monitor, Simple Network Management Protocol, Event Subscription, NMCap, SNMP WMI Provider,  
MCITP 70-642 Lecture 10File Permission and Direct access , Last Lecture of the Series  
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