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MCITP Server Administrator : 70-640 Server 2008 Active Directory
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 10Managed Service Accounts 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 11DNS , Split brain syndrome, Global Name zone, Root hint server, DNS in windows 2008 R2  
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 12Administering Domain controller 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 13What are Operation master role , details about FSMO Roles, PDC Emulator, Schema Master, Domain name Master, RID Master (Relative ID), Infrastructure Master, FSMO roles (Flexible Single Master roles) 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 14Optimizing the Placement of Operations Masters role and moving the roll across the domain controllers  
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 15this lecture discuss about Seizing Operations Master Roles once deleted how to remove metadata and a quick review on DFS Replication of SYSVOL 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 16This lecture discuss about Managing Sites and Active Directory Replication, subnets, AD replication 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 17This Lecture discuss how Domain Controllers in Active Directory replicate data between each other. discuss about intersite and intra site replication. 
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 18This Lecture Discuss about Windows 2008 R2 Domain Function Levels and what features each domain Function level gives us .  
MCITP 70-640 Lecture 19This Lecture Discuss about Windows 2008 R2 Forest Function Levels and what features each Forest Function level gives us . 
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