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Urdu IT Academy : CCTV Video Library
CCTV B&E : CCTV Basic and Essentials
CCTV B&E Introduction LectureIntroduction to CCTV Basic and Essentials  
CCTV B&E Introduction Lecture 1This Lectures discuss about Close and open circuit and discuss what type of information we gather from CCTV system 
CCTV B&E Lecture 2 Part 1Discussion on Basic concept of Camera Sensors, including CCD, CMOS, Colour filter, charged couple device, Camera Sensor,Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor 
CCTV B&E Lecture 2 Part 2This lecture includes formation of video signal, composite video, peak to peak signal, PAL & NTSC, Sensor size, Frame per seconds  
CCTV B&E Lecture 3 Part 1This lecture discuss about types of Lens. lens, types of lens, functions, FOV, AOV , Focal length IR corrected lens, Board lens, Fish eye. 
CCTV B&E Lecture 3 Part 2This lecture discuss about some of the Terms used in CCTV  
CCTV B&E Lecture 3 Part 3Video iris, DC iris, ALC, BLC, WDR, IRIS, Types of iris, Image and sensor size  
CCTV B&E Lecture 4Resolution,Types of resolution, TVL, Pixels, Megapixel, VGA, HDTV, Conversion from NTSC to PAl and PAL to NTSC. conversion of TVL into PIXEL and Pixel into TVL 
CCTV B&E Lecture 5This lecture discuss about CCTV Video quality factors 
CCTV B&E Lecture 6This lecture discuss about the Analog to IP transition factors 
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