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PHP : PHP Advance
PHP Advance Lecture 11PHP MYSQL Update 
PHP Advance Lecture 12PHP MYSQL Delete statement  
PHP Advance Lecture 13PHP security first lecture in advanced series that will talk about filtering the input , As we cannot trust the Data input by the user on our webpage. this is one of the key components of web security  
PHP Advance Lecture 14This lecture discusses about the most common web security vulnerability very commonly exploited by hackers to steal data from the Websites which is SQL Injection. 
PHP advance Lecture 15This lecture discuss about one of the most common attack on the websites which is XSS (Cross Site scripting) 
PHP advance Lecture 16This lecture discusses about the Password Security and encryption 
PHP advance Lecture 17This lecture discuss about one of the important security feature about the Website design , Session Security and how to secure your session form hackers  
PHP advance Lecture 18This lecture discuss about Email filters , email validations  
PHP Advance Lecture 19This lecture discuss about PHP file handling, Opening a file and modifying contents  
PHP Advance Lecture 20This lecture discuss about PHP string , powerful string handling and manipulating functions 
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