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PHP : PHP Basic
Introduction to PHPPHP introduction 
PHP Basic Lecture 1Setting up PHP 
PHP Basic Lecture 2Comments , rules to declare a veriable in PHP 
PHP Basic Lecture 3PHP Operators 
PHP Basic Lecture 4if statement, if else statement, switch 
PHP Basic Lecture 5Loops, PHP loops, Understanding Loops, for While Loops 
PHP Basic Lecture 6 Part 1This video explains PHP arrays and teaches you how to declare and print arrays. In this video you will learn Index Arrays. 
PHP Basic Lecture 6 Part 2This video explains second part of arrays and teaches you about Associative arrays and Multidimensional Arrays  
PHP Basic Lecture 7This lecture discuss about PHP Basic functions, Calling functions, Parameters functions, built-in functions 
PHP Basic Lecture 8This lecture discuss about the Sorting of Arrays and some commands used to sort the arrays i.e sort, rsort, asort, Ksort, arsort, Krsort  
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