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CCDA : 640-864 Design
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 10 Part 1In this lecture I will discuss about WAN technologies Like Dial Up, ISDN, ATM, SONET, Frame Relay and Wireless. We will also look at Metropolitan Area Network. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 11In this Bonus Lecture i am going through two main technologies that are being used heavily today which are DSL and MPLS. I will be talking about the DSL connevtivity and different flavours of DSL and then takes you through the MPLS and its related technologies. We we also touch MPLS VPN in this Lecture. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 12In this Lecture i am going through What is Quality of service and its different components. We will discuss what is Congestion Management Technologies like Queuing and what are different queuing methods, Congestion Avoidance Technologies like Policing and Shaping.  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 13In this lecture we will look at how best to plan IP addressing design. What are best practices and what steps are involved in the Planing of IP address architecture. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 14In this Lecture I will be going through the routing protocol design and discussing about the recommendations for EIGRP, OSPF and BGP Design.  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 15In this lecture i will be talking about security solutions and their design aspects. I will be going through firewall design, VPN Services include Ipsec, DMVPN, Get VPN and Easy VPN. I will also be including IPS / IDS design consideration and Cisco SAFE in this lecture. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 16In this lecture i will be talking about Cisco Unified Wireless Network Designing and its related components. We will be going through the concepts like Types of wireless Networks, Wireless Communication, Roaming, Wireless LAN Controller and its design. I will also be talking about the process of wireless network designing process including the process for Site Survey. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 17In this lecture I will be going through Voice Design and its related technologies. I will be talking about why do we need Voice over IP? Traditional PBX system and Voice Over IP system and What are different elements of Voice network like Signalling Protocols and Codecs.  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 18In this final lecture I will be going through Microsoft Visio and explain how to use and design Network topologies and Network diagrams using MS Visio. I will also be covering how to do the Server Room Rack diagram in Visio. In the end i will be telling you some recommendation for the CCDA Study. 
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