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CCDA : 640-864 Design
CCDA 640-864 IntroductionCCDA 640-864 Introduction Lecture 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 1IIN, Intelligent information Network ,  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 2This lecture will go through Cisco Blueprint of designing a network SONA ( Service-Oriented Network Architecture ) and look at why do we need it and what is the benifit of that. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 3This lecture explain about the life cycle of network designing recommended by Cisco and is called PPDIOO. I will go through with the different phases involved in PPDIOO and go through the first two phases which are Prepare and Plan.  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 4In this Lecture I will talk about Rest of PPDIOO lifecycle Phases which is Design Phase, Implementation Phase, Operate Phase and Optimize Phase. I have also included Bonus slides about calculating bandwidth requirement. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 5In this Lecture I talk about Cisco Three Tier Hierarchical approach in the network designing process. I than also discuss different Modules and Sub Modules that are inter connected with Cisco Hierarchical Layers. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 6This is a bonus Lecture where I will be taking a tour of Cisco.com and lots of different tools that are available within Cisco.com to facilitate you during the Network Designing Process. 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 7In this Lecture I will go through different tools and technologies available for Network Management and Monitoring. This incluse Cisco Discovery Protocol, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) , Netflow and Embedded Event manager (EEM) 
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 8In this Lecture I will go through all the required aspects in designing the campus network. We will take a look at different types of Application communication, Cabling and infrastructure devices. We will also look at some technologies that are used in campus network like VLAN, Trunk, Spanning-Tree Protocol, Etherchannel etc.  
CCDA 640-864 Lecture 9In this Lecture I will demystify data-center design and technologies used within it. We will look at data center architecture and discuss what approach would we take in designing data center and some recommendations about it. 
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